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Dogs really are man’s best friends, and this is made evident because even their presence has been made in several video games that spanned over the decades. Apart from dogs, different animals like cats and other fantasy creatures were added into the game to create or stimulate a pet ownership environment. These pets would sometimes help you on your journey, like bringing your stuff around or help you deal with enemies. Then there are some notable dogs and creatures that are meant to do you more harm than good. Doesn’t it make you wish you could find them in casino?

Let’s take a look at the video games which had dogs or any animals in them. Frankly, one of my most personal favourites was World of Warcraft, which also had dogs, but no cavoodle or modern breeds.

1.)        The Dog from DUCK HUNT

90s kids will probably remember this popular NES game called DUCK HUNT. Fans have called him lots of names, mainly because of how he acts every time you miss a duck.

2.)        Dogmeat from FALLOUT

Dogmeat is probably the most recognized dog in video games. He is also a popular icon from the FALLOUT franchise. Basically, you rescue him from any of the Fallout games and he comes to your aide as a loyal pet by fighting adversaries. It’s proof that you can have a loyal pet during the post-apocalypse.

3.)        Amaterasu from Okami

This is probably the most dominant canine protagonist. Okami is a video game that combines beautiful Japanese culture with modern cell-shade art. Amaterasu is a majestic dog that’s a combination of both beauty and death.  She is the embodiment of nobility.

4.)        Angelo from FINAL FANTASY 8

Final Fantasy is not one to be left behind. In the 8th instalment, we meet Angelo, Rinoa’s pet. He looks like your average dog that delivers newspapers or barks at mailmen. However, Angelo becomes a powerful ally because he is Rinoa’s Limit Break, a move that can prove fatal to any opponent.

5.)        That Dog from RESIDENT EVIL 4

In the game, you will encounter a dog that gets caught in a bear trap. When rescued, he becomes a valuable ally that will help you greatly in your first boss, or El Gigante, fight. Truly an embodiment of the phrase DOG IS MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

6.)        Poochy from Super Mario Land 2

Poochy can be found in this Super Mario franchise. Like Yoshi, you can ride on top of Poochy because he is somehow invulnerable to flaming lava. Like Yoshi, he will also sacrifice himself to give you that boost in jumping.

Video games have taught and shown us that dogs are man’s best friend. Hopefully, this kind of legacy will be carried on to future generations. in order to enjoy such games, visit bandar ceme online.