The Basics of enak poker

Casino machine has slowly been gaining popularity. This is because how easy it is to play and add to the fact that it is also cheap to play. These two factors are sure ways to get you hook with this play the next time you visit your favorite casino place.

What are the rules?

The rules of the Casino are fairly simple to follow. For starters, this has 9 paylines. The player can bet from 1 to 50,000 credits on each. In order to set the size of the bet and also the number of paylines, you will have to make use of these two buttons namely Lines and Bet/Line. enjoy casino at enak poker online.

What are the controls?

In each of the buttons mentioned above, there are small plus and minus keys on the sides. You can press these in order to set your desired value for your bet and even the number of lines. The maximum size of the bet can go up to 450,000. The lower right corner of the screen shows the Start button. When pressed, this will start the reel. The left of it you can find the Gamble Key. This can be activated after winning combinations would appear on your reel.

enak pokerYou need to be careful when pressing the Gamble button though. This button activates a risk game. This is considered a special round. This is also a good opportunity to multiply your winnings at least by 2. Yet, there are rules of the game. The first rule is that there will appear a card but the value is unknown. Second, there are red and black buttons on the side of the card. You will have to press one. Then finally, if the choice is the same with the color of the hidden card, you will win. You can be able to seize your double winning. The bad side is that if you were not able to guess the suit of the card, all of your last winnings will be gone.

Is it good enough?

The Casino is relatively easy to do play. You just really have to pray that the luck will be with you every single reel. But, because of its uncertainty, this makes the slot machine all the more exciting. Isn’t that the concept of slot machines after all? Perhaps one thing that makes this addicting is the possibility that you can really win big time. After all, you can win up to 405,000 credits. Not to mention the cute graphics that go with it.